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Our Mission
It is the aim of the Gulf Coast Council (GCC)... be an effective outreach organization in continuing the valued traditions of our sport. The GCC is about more than just promoting the sport of fly fishing. Our mission is to also promote conservation and restoration of fisheries within our region, through advocacy and funding of projects. 
Latest Information
About the GCC
   The GCC is a regional entity of Fly Fishers International (FFI). Since 1964, the "Federation" has been "the organized voice for fly fishers". We represent all aspects of fly fishing from the arts of casting and fly tying, to the protection of our diverse fisheries. Fly Fishers International, and its Councils, are "the only organized advocates for fly fishing on an international, national and regional level". For over 50 years the FFI has been "conserving, restoring, educating - through fly fishing". Founded in 2006, the Gulf Coast Council - FFI represents fourteen (14) charter and affliated FFI clubs, as well as individual FFI members, in Louisiana, Mississippi, coastal Alabama and northwestern Florida. 
   With the country's greatest and most nutrient rich river and estuary system located in Louisiana and with the rich coastal rivers and estuaries of Mississippi, Alabama, and northwestern Florida, the GCC region is home to some of the greatest saltwater fishing in North America, in both brackish and blue waters. Louisiana alone contains over one-half of the saltwater marsh in the U.S., and the northern Gulf coast from the Sabine River to the waters east of Destin are home to the greatest number of red drum or "redfish" in the nation. Our region is also home to the nation's largest, spotted weakfish (aka. speckled trout or spotted seatrout) fishery, as well as having some of the best offshore fisheries in the country located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, and the white, sandy beaches from Waveland, MS to east of Destin, FL are also home to spectacular wade fishing for many species, especially pompano! 
GCC freshwater enthusiasts lay claim to fantastic, spotted and largemouth bass fisheries in the many sandy rivers and streams that run throughout Mississippi and in the bayous of Louisiana. The Red River and Delta areas have been home to a number of BASSMaster Classics; and Toledo Bend, Mississippi's Lake Okhissa and south Alabama's Five Rivers area are just few of the many regional reservoirs and natural estuaries that offer scenic areas for persuing big, largemouth bass.

   The Atchafalaya Basin is the largest, river-driven swamp system in the United States, and its rich nutrients are the basis of some of the best, wild areas to fish for large "bull" bluegill and other panfish, while several lake and reservoirs in Mississippi and Louisiana are amongst the top-rated black and white crappie (aka. white perch or sac-a-lait) waters in North America.  
   There are over 50 species of fish that members of the GCC pursue with a long rod and flies. With such great fly fishing opportunities, many anglers look to make the most of their experience on the waters of the GCC. We encourage you to discover why catching fish "on the fly" in the Gulf Coast Council region is the quintessential outdoors experience!
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GCC Bylaws
   The Gulf Coast Council - Fly Fishers International (GCC-FFI) is comprised of more than 250 members, including fourteen Charter and Affiliated clubs in Louisiana, Mississippi, northwestern Florida and southern Alabama. Check the "Clubs" link to get more information about these individual clubs. While membership in a club is not a requirement for Federation / Council membership, most of the Federators in the GCC are members of one or more clubs.
   The GCC leadership is a Board of Directors comprised of Executive Officers (President, Executive Vice President, program specific VPs, Secretary), Club Directors and Directors-at-Large. The Bylaws of the Gulf Coast Council of Fly Fishers International has more detail about the structure of the Board of Directors and are available by clicking the GCC Bylaws button. The document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Reader or similar.


...Through Fly Fishing
Founding of the GCC
GCC History
On Saturday August 5, 2006, twenty-five fly anglers from four states representing a dozen clubs gathered at the Southwest Fishing Club in Lake Charles for the first organizational meeting of a proposed new Gulf Coast Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers (now Fly Fishers International). The reasons behind the move to start a new council were to have a council that was more geocentric to those clubs located along the Gulf Coast, to be better able to meet the needs of and address the specific interests of Federators along the Gulf Coast, and to further the FFI's motto of "All Fish, All Waters". Click link for a complete history of the GCC.
                        Founding Members
Roger Maler               Jeaux McMahon        Walter McLendon
Rick Boebel               Ronnie Foreman          Jimmy Lee        
Ron Allen Thomas      David Trahan              Barry Dauphin
Marc Pinsel                Catch Cormier            Robert Raynor
Sydney Smith             Thomas Herrington      Keith Richard
Bill Heugel                  Brad Nunn                  Jim Gill
Danny Williams          Albert Wood               Mark Delaney
Buzzy Burns               Robert Peet                 Ron Begnaud

Founding Clubs

Acadian Fly Rodders 
Austin Fly Fishers 
Contraband Flycasters 
Mississippi Coast Fly Fishers 
San Gabriel Fly Fishers 
New Orleans Fly Fishers Club 
Red Stick Fly Fishers 
Historic Ocean Springs Fly Fishers