Gulf Coast Council
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How can I become a member of the Gulf Coast Council?
Any individual, family or non-profit organization can join the GCC by joining Fly Fishers International.
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Joining the FFI
   When you become a member of the FFI, if you live in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, northwestern Florida or Southern Alabama, then you are automatically affiliated with the Gulf Coast Council. If you live outside these boundaries, you can choose to affiliate with the GCC by stating such on your FFI membership or renewal form.
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FFI Membership
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   Since 1964, Fly Fishers International has been an organized voice for fly fishers. We represent all aspects of fly fishing – from the art of fly tying and casting instruction, to the protection of and access to fisheries around the world. A 501.c.3 non-profit organization formally known as The International Federation of Fly Fishers, FFI is driven by three fundamental pillars: Conservation, Education, and Community. Together, these pillars provide the foundation for our vision of the future of fly fishing — a future in which anglers have access to prime waters and fish can thrive in healthy, protected habitats; in which learning never stops and artistry is not forgotten; and that recognizes the true value of camaraderie. If we want this legacy to be experienced by future generations, we have to work to make that happen.  
Join Fly Fishers International today to help ensure that fly fishing can
continue to instill the kind of passion it does today in so many of us.
FFI Membership
Membership Discounts
The FFI provides membership discounts to persons over 65 years of age, all veterans of the US military (proof of honorable service required) and youth/students who are 22 years of age or younger. A multi-year discount is also available as well as a free year for current members who recruit two new members to the organization.
Member Benefits
* FFI partners with AJG Affinity Program to bring benefits to members including various travel and insurance benefits, as well as discounts with various companies.
* Flyfisher Magazine     * The Loop - The Journal of Fly Casting Professionals
* Tying Times     * Membership card     * Patch     * Decals
* Knowledge that YOU are making a difference for the sport's future.