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The Loop
The Loop: The Journal for Fly Casting Professionals is a quarterly publication of FFI Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP). It has been published in one form or another for more than 20 years. The Loop is a digital magazine, a medium through which the talents, knowledge, and ideas of our fly casting professionals can be shared. 
Many of the world’s most notable and informed casting instructors have written for The Loop, which makes it a wealth of information for those who wish to learn the basics of fly casting. And, it is an invaluable resource for fly casters who want to learn to teach fly casting and fly fishing. 
The Loop is published electronically and it is available to all FFI members. Members receive notice by email. New and older editions can be read online or downloaded to your computer as a pdf file. Click on The Loop image above to be taken to the Fly Fishers International website where you will have access to over 70 issues!
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The Osprey
The Steelhead Committee of the International Federation of Fly Fishers was founded in 1986 when a group of concerned anglers, recognizing declines in populations of wild steelhead joined forces to giving a voice to wild steelhead. The following year, the first issue of our newsletter The Osprey was published. 
Throughout our 20 plus year history we have continued to lobby hard to protect wild steelhead throughout our region, and have provided a source for the relevant news of the day regarding management, science, policy and recovery of our wild salmonid fish. In our long history numerous well known anglers and advocates have joined our cause contributing their time and more importantly their voice to the plight of wild steelhead and salmon. Among the well known individuals who have contributed content to The Osprey are Dr. Rick Williams, Rob Masonis, Sen. Patty Murray, Bill McMillan, Bill Bakke, Pete Soverel, Stan Young and many more. 
Sadly, wild steelhead in most areas have continued to decline over the past 20 years. While we are distressed and deeply saddened by the lack of improvement, it strengthens our resolve that as a community of conservation minded anglers we can work together to restore wild steelhead and ensure our legacy is one of preservation rather than tragic loss.
Click on The Osprey image above to be taken to the Fly Fishers Intenational's "The Osprey" page.
Fly Tying Group
The Fly Tying Group of Fly Fishers International (FFI) is dedicated to the preservation, enhancement and support of the art of fly tying as a historic element of the fly fishing experience. Archiving historic documents, development of educational and instructional materials, teaching and demonstrating the use of materials and tying techniques are fundamental to perpetuating the art of fly tying for anglers who fish with the artificial fly. 

The Fly Tying Group publishes a quarterly newsletter, Tying Times, that is intended to inform members of its most current activities; as well as share information with our members that may be useful to them in their fly tying activities. Important functions are those that are open to all members at the annual meeting, rendezvous, workshops and fly tying demonstrations during Annual Fly Fishing Fairs. A Fly Tying Skills Awards Program has been implemented to encourage and assist members to improve and expand their fly tying skills. The Video Library shares information from some of the best fly tiers in the world tying their favorite fly patterns in a visual format. We continue to develop informational materials for sharing with FFI Clubs, Councils and members for use in their fly tying and teaching events. Many of these materials are available on the FFI website. Much of what the Fly Tying Group does revolves around sharing and teaching so that all members may help us achieve our purpose of preserving the art of fly tying and the fly fishing experience.
FFI Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP)
A Certified Casting Instructor (CCI or CI) has demonstrate the high standard of performance that creates confidence in students and other instructors. CI’s can accomplish casting tasks quickly and easily, accompanied with good demonstrations and clear, concise explanations. Certified Casting Instructors can effectively teach the art of fly casting to all levels. 
A Master Casting Instructor (MCI) requires more than just meeting a specified set of casting requirements. It also requires a broad range of experience in casting itself. Certification is the end of a process, not the beginning. A Master Caster is an exceptional individual, able to teach others how to teach. These are rather demanding requirements, but they are the requirements that the FFI wishes to be assessed. In the teaching of casting, the MCI can describe the skills in many ways because different people respond differently to verbal descriptions. The ability to see casting through the eyes of an untrained caster is essential, especially since the Master Casting Instructor teaches others how to teach.
Even anglers who have excellent fly fishing skills may not necessarily be certified at the Master level – ability in angling is only part of the certification process. Equally important is a broad range of casting abilities and a great deal of comfort in demonstrating those abilities. For instance, being able to make curve casts by more than one method.

Why Certify?
Obtaining an FFI Instructor Certification takes you to a new level of professionalism and instills self-confidence in your teaching abilities. Quality instruction, particularly on slow fishing days, will increase guest return rates, as guests return for both fishing and further instruction.
Benefits of being certified
· Become a more effective casting instructor, by being exposed to the state-of-the-art in casting and casting
· Become part of a network of the best casting instructors in the world. Men and women who are eager to
   share their knowledge of casting instruction and would like to learn from you too.  
· Listed on the Fly Fishers International website with a link to your email. 
· Receive the FFI's quarterly newsletter, The Loop. Find teaching tips for Certified Casting Instructors
· Receive a certificate of completion, suitable for framing.
Become Certified
There are three levels in the Casting Instructor Certification Program:

Casting Instructor (CI)
Master Caster Instructor (MCI)
Two-Handed Casting Instructor (THCI)

CICP testing may be arranged by contacting any of these GCC members: 
Tom Jindra (MCI)                  Syd Smith (MCI)                                   Keith Richard (MCI)
504-392-7511                        228-326-6050 / 228-896-4247               337-344-0908                      

Other FFI Resources
The FFI Resources page has much more to offer than what is listed here. For more information, click
Gulf Coast Council Resources
GCC Casting Instructors (Listed by State)

Dino Frangos - CI, MCI                                                 Dwight Yoder - CI
Mobile, AL                                                                     Mobile, AL
251-421-3787                                                                 251-343-1904                                                 
Chas Petruccelli - CI                                                      Thomas "Tom" Dempsey - CI
Redding, AL                                                                   Mobile, AL
203-400-3178                                                                 251-648-7451                                          

Len Anderson - CI
Panama City Beach, FL
850-249-2656 / 850-866-8208

Captain Paul "Sodie" Sodamann - CI, MCI 
St. George, KS

Harry Boyd - CI                                                             Jeff Ferguson - CI, MCI
Winnsboro, LA                                                               Lake Charles, LA
318-435-5476 / 318-282-1825                                       337-540-1292                                           
Jay Clark - CI, MCI, THCI                                            Tom Jindra - CI, MCI, CBOG Emeritus
Lafayette, LA                                                                 New Orleans, LA
337-366-3145                                                                 504-392-7511                                        
Glen "Catch" Cormier - CI                                              Keith Richard - CI, MCI, CBOG
Boyce, LA                                                                       Breaux Bridge, LA
318-793-5855 / 225-899-6528                                        337-344-0908                                                                                               
Roger del Rio - CI                                                           Robert "Bob" Tabbert, CI
Baton Rouge, LA                                                             Lafayette, LA
225-751-3304 / 225-907-4471                                        337-781-3650                                         

Captain Peter Scafaru - CI                                              Tom Tripi - CI, MCI
New Olreans, LA                                                            Folsom, LA
646-327-3969                                                                  504-451-9235                                                


Reed Guice - CI                                                              Sydney "Syd" Smith - CI, MCI
Biloxi, MS                                                                       Gulfport, MS
228-435-0400                                                                  228-326-6050 / 228-896-4247                                         
Sid Caradine - CI 
Columbus, MS
662-328-5413 / 662-574-1209

Fly Tying Resources
Some people tie flies even though for various reasons they don't fish. Others fish, but prefer to buy their flies. Quite a few buy and tie. Whatever category you fall into, fly tying and fly fishing go hand in hand and whether you buy, tie or both - the tug is the drug! But there is something very special about getting that tug on a fly that you tied. the FFI and the GCC have numerous resources to help you tie that first fly, learn a new pattern or improve your tying skills.

The FFI has resources that include the Fly Tying Group (discussed above) as well as a Fly of the Month complete with recipes and instructions.

The GCC and its member clubs have various events throughout the year. From local club meetings and fly tying gatherings to full-on expositions, there is always somewhere to go, whether it be to tie your first fly, learn a new technique, to get in some practice or just to lend a helpful hand to fellow tyers. Some of the regions best tyers attend these events and are a great resource to help you improve.

Long time Federator, Buddy Price, has spent over ten (10) years recording some of the nation's best tyers as they tied at Gulf Coast, Southern, South Eastern and Florida Council shows. In the finest tradition of Federators sharing knowledge by teaching others, Buddy has placed over 100 videos of these world class tyers, tying many of their favorite, often here-to-fore "secret" patterns (flies) on You Tube. So, just set up your vise in front of your computer and spend the evening with some of the Federation's best tyers. With their step-by-step instructions, you will be surprised how quickly you will learn the skills needed to produce their beautiful patterns. Regardless whether you desire to tie streamers, deerhair bugs, poppers, wets, nymphs, or dries, your fly boxes will soon overflow with great "local" southern patterns. Click on the Fly Fish Video icon to go to Buddy's YouTube channel.

For his years of service to the Federation and for the work descibed above, Buddy Price received the Lew Jewett Memorial Award at the 2013 IFFF Fly Festival in West Yellowstone, MT.

GCC Loaner Equipment Program
To support the Federation's education mission, the Gulf Coast Council has five (5) 6-weight fly rod and reel combos for use at any GCC or member sanctioned instructional class. The use of these rods are available at no cost, other than return shipping. The rods/reels are currently housed at the New Orleans Fly Fishers Club, and if your club is interested in using the Council's equipment, please contact the New Orleans Fly Fishers Club as far in advance as possible. Not only does this help ensure we can accommodate your request, it helps us minimize shipping costs. 
For more information contact:
                       Jimmy Fulmer                                              Mike Jackson
                       504-324-5786                      or                      504-377-6757

In addition, The FFI Loaner Equipment Program makes rods, reels, fly tying vises and tying materials available to IFFF - Charter and Affiliate Clubs throughout the nation. For more information on the FFI program, click

GCC Speakers Bureau
In keeping with the idea of using the talent available within the Gulf Coast Council, the GCC Board of Directors has developed and sent all of our clubs a "GCC Speakers List".  
The "Speakers List" is simply a list of people available and willing to give talks on various subjects to clubs within the council to help promote the sport of fly fishing and to make us better fisherman. Examples are someone to talk about the life cycle of redfish or seatrout, warm water techniques, conservation issues, casting instruction, fly tying, leader making or knot tying. The list could go on and on.

For those wishing to be added to this list, please contact Mike Jackson, GCC Presdident with the following information: 
1. Topic
2. Name
3. Phone Number
4. Email Address
5. Fees - Speaking Fees and Travel Expenses (gas or mileage charge), if any
6. Lodging Requirements – hotel or willing to stay at club member's private residence
7. Speaker's home club
8. Other requirements, if any

Any FFI member in good standing within the GCC may add their name to this list by following the above listed procedure. Currently, the names of approximately twenty (25) speakers are listed. The Speakers Bureau List was first emailed to the GCC Directors for distribution to their respective clubs in 2014. Updated lists have been repeatedly sent to club presidents. If your club does not have a current list, please contact the Council President, Michael Jackson at We encourage the club presidents and officers to please utilize this list to find speakers for your club meetings.